Frequently Asked Tenant Questions

Welcome to our family of tenants! We want you to enjoy your stay with us. We have designed a communication program to help us work together in partnership. In today’s fast moving world we think it is important to give you the tools to communicate with us at your convenience – not just ours. From this website, you can let us know about maintenance issues you might have at any time or even pay your rent from the comfort of your living room.

There is a 3-Step Process required to hold an apartment:

  1. All applicants and co-signers must apply.
  2. The deposit paid in full.
  3. Lease signed by all applicants and co-signers.

We cannot hold a property until all of these items are received.

We require that your credit and background checks are in good standing, and that there are no judgements, evictions, felonies, or significant criminal history.

Typically it’s 1 months rent, however, if a pet has been approved, the security deposit goes up by 25%

Depends on the pet and how many

If there is an eviction or rental judgement on your record from the past 7 years, your application will be denied.

Yes, everyone over the age of 18 who will be residing at the property and co-signers must be complete an application.

Yes, for any applicants 23 or under and if no credit file, we require one co-signer for each applicant. All co-signers applications must be received prior to us running your application.

We need to start collecting rent on the availability date, although you can choose to pick up your keys after that date, your rent must be paid starting the availability date.

Yes, as long as you qualify with our application requirements, and are a current tenant or approved applicant. We do not have an online portal.  We do offer an automatic withdrawal on the 1st of the month via ACH Debit.

Deposits are non-refundable if you apply for a property and then back out or sign a lease and decide to not move in. Alternatively, your deposit will only be refunded within 30 days after your move out if you took possession of the property, after any move out charges are deducted.

No we do not accept section 8. We are at market rents, and with utility cost it will be over the max voucher limit.

If you are under the age of 23 then we can accept a co-signer, otherwise no, we do not accept co-signers if you do not meet our application requirements.

After you fill out our online application, appointment will then be scheduled.

Checks only.  We accept both for deposit and 1st months rent, after that, rent is withdrawn with ACH Debit 1st of each month.